Nov 11, 2013

Love On A Sticky Note

11/11/2013 — cori
The other night before bed Bennett was excitedly writing down a poem.  We never see him hunched over his desk at this time of night, so this must have been truly inspired.  In only the way that he can, he comes inching into my room, a goofy smile plastered on his face, light in his eyes and a sticky note in hand. It's not good enough to just leave the sticky note for me to read, he has to read it to me:

And then I have to respond cuz that's what he's standing there waiting for.  But I can't get past the "Yo Mujer Padre" title.  He's dangerous now, knowing only bits and pieces of Spanish from his Duolingo exercises.  I love how he piece meals it together.  He means to say, "My Woman Parent" since I guess he can't remember the Spanish word Mama.  But it reads as, "I Woman Father".  Of course I get the giggles.  It is the sweetest gesture.  He lives to fill up my love tank, even if it means calling me his 'woman parent'. 

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