Jan 31, 2013

My Dream

1/31/2013 — cori
My husband knew it.  But I'm not sure anyone else in the world did.  It's mostly been a silent yearning deep in my heart for something I knew most probably would never happen.  To most my dream is probably chalked up to my idealistic, naive and over-simplified views of life.  But to me, the hope of one day attaining it, possibly in old age, has kept the dream alive.

And then came my 40th birthday (and I'm not even old yet!).

And then stepped in the dream benefactor (Chuck has been saving forever).

And now that dream is going to be a reality this May (I'm still in shock).

Here is how I received one of the best gifts I've ever been given for a birthday:

Words cannot express the joy that flooded my heart.  These precious people will change me more than I will ever be able to make an impact in their lives.  But that won't stop me from trying.

I live a charmed life.  I'm not okay with sitting back in comfort and complacency any longer while others are suffering just to live.  I desperately want them to know that someone cares enough to walk beside them, even if it is only for one week.  Nobody wants to feel like they are alone.  All I have to give is love that has graciously been showered over me my entire life.  It's my turn to give back.  No task is beneath me.

My heart cannot express enough thanks to each and every family member that contributed to help make my dream come true....I'm overwhelmed with love.  Thank you for letting me share the wealth.

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