Aug 22, 2010

First Week of School

8/22/2010 — cori
We made it! One week under our belts. This is going to be a wonderful year if this past week was any indicator.

Excitement was in the air last Monday as I came downstairs to see all my little people already dressed and ready to eat at 7:15am. Gavin was getting my tea ready and Bennett was putting water in the kettle for me. I don't think there is any better way to start a day. Here are the three giddy learners each holding their custom lesson plan books standing next to the note on the white board that Daddy left for them :

At the end of the first day Bennett said, "Is that it? Isn't there more to do? Last year I couldn't wait for the day to be done when I was at school and this year I want to do more." The one with all the answers (Chloe, just in case you didn't know) pipes up, "That's because this is homeschool Bennett and this is where learning is fun!"

But don't worry, I didn't beam with pride too long because by mid week we had a little pot hole in the road and the same excited learner from day one, evidently decided that thinking was too hard and he'd rather not anymore. Some days our lessons are academic, some days they're character building. However, we pushed through and I was so glad to be the one there with Bennett encouraging him and teaching him how to push through when things feel too hard. Last week it was Benentt's turn, another week, someone else will need alot more heart to heart time. That is what I LOVE about my job.

This is the shelf loaded with all the books we get to learn with and use in our pursuit of knowledge this year. But this is only the book learning. I am very big into community service. I want my children to know how to reach out and help meet the needs of those living in the same community as them. I want this to be as normal as 'doing school'. To me, this is love in action. So, we also include Meals on Wheels and the Food Pantry into our "lesson plan" of life, if you will. The friendships we grow, the relationships we make, the joy we get, far outweigh any and all of the time we put into it. And lastly, each child also has their extra-curricular activity of choice. Gavin still loves his piano. Chloe has the opportunity to take violin from an amazing teacher. And Bennett will be playing baseball on the same team with his best friend from school last year.

After one week, this is what the bulletin board already looks like:

Looks like I'm going to need to find room for a few more bulletin boards!

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