Mar 31, 2014

Thesaurusize This

3/31/2014 — cori

I think we like to talk too much.  That's the only sane reason I can come up with to justify our latest "game".  Last night at dinner, we didn't solve any world problems, but we did end up playing a pretty exciting game.  It happened out of the blue.  As we were eating Chuck asks all of us who can come up with the most creative synonym for "talkative".  We each gave our earnest input and he picked the person who he thought deserved to win.  As the 'winner', you then got to pick out your own word for everyone to find a synonym for. just sort of morphed into a game...we didn't even plan it.  Now we can't stop.  We just have to keep on going.  Leaving it go Gavin to come up with a title.  On one of his turns he states, "Thesaurusize This...."  It kinda stuck.  Now we have a great go to game when conversation lags at the dinner table.  I highly suggest either bringing a thesaurus with you or your thinking cap when you join us for dinner.   We take our synonyms seriously.

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