Oct 29, 2012

We Must Be Doing Something Right

10/29/2012 — cori

As Chloe and I are reading through her Chemistry workbook today, she's stops what she's reading aloud to me and suddenly announces, "Mommy, this is Comic Sans font.  I know cuz it's my favorite.  Daddy doesn't like it though."

I knew we must have been doing something right in order for our off-spring to be able to recognize fonts at such a young, precarious age.  You want to catch them young so you can indoctrinate them early on about the 'good' vs. 'bad' fonts.  We wouldn't want our children out there typing in fonts we find unacceptable, would we?

What kind of parents would we be if our children didn't have the same love of fonts as their parents.  Chuck and I are slightly obsessed with fonts.  He has hundreds of them memorized because of his line of work and I just plain like pretty words.  I'll see a font on a bill board or on a product and ask Chuck what it is, to which he will answer.  Then if we don't already have that particular font, we run to dafont.com and download it so we can use it as our very own.  Doesn't everybody?

The kids have big font footsteps to fill, but now we can rest easy knowing that at least one of our children will be able to attain our lofty goals.

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