Apr 9, 2012

Who Do You Say That I Am?

4/09/2012 — cori
 You see these two, lovely ladies?  Why in the world would I put a picture of them on my blog?

Excellent question!  I'd like to answer that with a story:

I have 'celebrity issues'.  Apparently, people love to tell me who I resemble in The Movies.  Not. Good.  This causes me immense distress and constant paranoia wondering WHY they would think of me in such a manner.  I obsess over it day and night.  I wonder exactly what part of the movie did they start thinking I resembled the aforementioned celebrity.  Was it the way she looked?  How she talked?  What she wore?  Her character?  Her smart alek remarks?  Her no-nonsense attitude?  Tell me the WHOLE STORY please!  You can't just flippantly say, "Ya, when I watched this movie it reminded me of you."  Seriously?!  There is so much more we need to talk about.  Now.  Let's explore our feelings here.

Someone (I know quite well) told me, "You HAVE GOT to see 'Date Nite'.  Tina Fey in that movie totally reminds me of you, Cori."  Since I hadn't seen it yet, I was like, "cool, ok".  THEN I saw the movie.  And then I was like, "WHAT?!  HOW IN THE WORLD can you even compare me to her?!  What about her reminded you of me?"  I MUST know!  This is driving me crazy.  Cuz I certainly don't see any part of myself in the person she portrays.  Was it her sarcasm?  Her glasses and my original hair color?  Her crazy hair in that one scene? Or her ability to do all her stunts while wearing heels?

Then just the other day my neighbor throws this little tid bit at me, "We were watching the movie 'Blindside' the other day and both my daughter and I agreed that Sandra Bullock's character is so you." What does one say to that?  I don't have an appropriate response.  Apparently, I need to be working on one since this happens quite frequently.  I ended up saying, "Well...I guess that's better than being compared to Tina Fey in 'Date Nite'."  I wanted her to expound and give me the details.  But I was left to create multiple scenarios in my over-active imagination as to why she would see me as this character.  My brain hurts from over analyzing all the potential answers.

If you feel the need to tell me how much I resemble your favorite actress in your favorite movie, please make sure you're ready to spend a good hour explaining yourself and calming my heart with reassurances of your unfailing love for me despite who you think I may or may not resemble.  My self confidence will thank you later.

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