Jan 13, 2008

Performance Review

1/13/2008 — cori

Today I decided it was time to paint upstairs. So, in typical fashion I just did it. I tend to make quick decisions. As I was slathering the first layer of "Earthy Ocher" on my wall, Gavin comes up to me and says, "Mom, I hope one day I can find a wife as good as you."

"How sweet, thank you Honey. But do you mean as good a painter as I am?"

"No, I mean, someone as nice and loving and kind and as smart as you. You're a good Mommy. You know how you taught me that phrase 'a jack of all trades and a master of none'? That's you Mom. I think you know a little about everything. Look at what a good painter you are."

His timing is always impeccable. My heart was heavy today. I was in one of those moods where I felt all I've been doing lately is playing 'the bad guy' as the parent and constantly correcting, scolding and disciplining. And then BAM, out of the blue Gavin showers me with love and encouragement.

It's nice to know what your children are thinking. They don't have to like me...but it's nice to know they do. They just better be careful not to ask me too many questions that go beyond the scope of my wealth of knowledge. Afterall, I only know a little about a lot.

Dogs and Dolls Don't Mix

1/13/2008 — cori
Don't let the sweet, calm face on the left fool you. It was her that created the distorted, freaky face on the right. Can you imagine waking up in the morning to find your doll like this? Chloe is going to have doll issues for years to come.

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