May 23, 2009

My Nemisis

Do you see this???? This is the bain of my existence! My children sure do know how to push my buttons. Why oh why do all my pillows ALWAYS end up on the floor? I can always tell when Chloe has been in a room because each and every pillow will be expertly resting on the floor. Of all the things they can torture me with, why must they take the pillows from their precisely, predetermined, precious place? I have a 'thing' for liking things in their spot. Who cares if the spot is clean or dusty, old or new...but by golly, if I have put something somewhere and someone has moved it, angled it, rearranged it or even looked cross-eyed at it - I know! It's a gift and curse - mostly a curse. You can imagine the mind games people like to play with me when they've discovered this little, tiny, unimportant personality quirk of mine. I'm hoping this is just a dream is that one day, they too, will come to appreciate proper placement of household items. Until then...I pick up one pillow at a time day in and day out...and remind myself, they won't be this age just laugh it off. I'm laughing on the inside - trust me.


Jennifer said...

Ok, I'm feelin' ya on this one! I have 4 pillows - 4 precious, Walmart-purchased pillows, and they are forever on the floor! It drives me insane because the kids like to play games with them (which would explain why all 8 tassels on 2 pillows - 4 tassels each, in case its too late for ya!) are totally missing. Several fell off (or so I was told) and the rest have been ruined by God-only-knows since no will fess up. Thank God I only spent $12.88 on each of them :)

But yes, I hate finding my pillows on the floor too!

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