Apr 15, 2014

Right Of Passage

Today was a big day for our first born.  He went to the DMV to take the written test for his driver's permit.  He did not allow me to bring my big, bulky camera to document this momentous occasion.  He may think it's a big day for him - but rather, it's a big day for us, his parents.  Our baby is now going to be allowed to be out on these big, scary roads with other drivers...oh  my goodness, how can this be?! It was literally just yesterday that he was 1...I honestly don't see how he woke up the next day and morphed into a 15 year old young man.  Really, I don't.  Is this another one of his superhero tricks that he was forever pulling on me as a child?  It must be.

However, unbeknownst to the unsuspecting subject, I snuck in, snapped a poor quality photo with my camera phone as he was getting his official picture taken and snuck back out.  I got the 'thumbs up' through the window that he passed the written exam.  He only took like 35 online practice tests.  He was ready....even though he was slightly hyperventilating and moaning on our way in.  He kept repeating the phrase "oh no".  To make matters worse, as soon as we walk up to the counter to talk to the agent he asks Gavin in all seriousness, "Who was the only President not to get married?"  Gavin is taken back, not expecting this line of questioning and not at all sure if the guy was joking or not (he didn't look it).  He told him, with a half smirk, "I thought you were here to take a test?"  That elicited a smile and hopefully took the edge off his nerves a little.

We celebrated by (me) driving home (he's still mastering the high school parking lot) and having tea and cookies.  The perfect way to celebrate anything if you ask me.


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