Nov 5, 2015


One word: AWESOME!

Chuck found this amazing website that offers you amazing insight into your self. It's almost like these people climbed into your brain, uploaded all the juicy stuff about you that makes you tick and then wrote it out in a neat, little, tidy, eloquent, simple format so that you can better understand yourself. While you're reading your profile you'll be like, "Hey! How'd they know that?!" I tell you, it's amazing. It's uncanny. And it's so organized. I wish I could explain myself that easily to other people. I feel much more complicated than they make my personality out to be. If they can make me out to be simple and understood then they must be geniuses because I am anything but simple to understand.

We each took the test. It is so cool. Granted, I took my test at least 4 four times just to be sure because I thought they might have messed up my results the first 3 times. But when a test comes back the same 4 times in a row, you must concede that maybe they were right after all.  Chuck took the test maybe 7 times. Each time he took it, he would get a different personality. So, I'm not 100% sure what that tells us about Chuck...either he has multiple personality disorder...or he can't commit to who he wants to be...or he was over-thinking his answers....or he's just plain weird and can't be put into a personality box. Finally he was able to get the same personality 3 times in a row - so we just went with that one.

Interesting fact...all but one of us in this family are introverts. Bennett is the lone extravert. Here's the Mallott family in all their personality glory:






The funny thing're probably not really all that surprised. You probably could have accurately pegged each of us given these choices. But, oh, how I wish I came with a little manual about "How To Understand Cori" to pass out to all my friends and new people I meet. "Here, flip to page 3 to see how I deal with conflict. (Hint - I don't)."  Apparently, that would make life way too easy. We wouldn't want that. 

But it is cool to learn, on a deeper level, how people's brain's work and think and how they respond to certain things, be it correction, praise, criticism, encouragement, ideas. It helps us be more understanding, patient, compassionate and less irritated with people for not doing things the way we think they should be done. In other words, it helps us better understand what it's like to walk in their shoes a teeny, tiny bit. 



thelifeofbrynn said...

I love seeing all of your descriptions. :)
I'm an ENFP

cori said...

Yes, Brynn...that is so you!

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