Nov 20, 2015

The Injured List

Clearly I can't be trusted with knives.

The past two evenings, as I'm in the throes of dinner preparation, I have not only sliced and diced all manner of vegetables, but also myself. Apparently I have to keep bandaids at the ready.

Do you know how hard it is to cook and/or continue slicing with the thick skin of the bandaid masking all sensory nerves in your finger and thumb? It's not pretty.

This has had devastating consequences on my card playing. If you want to beat me in Nertz, now's the time. Yesterday, Bennett took advantage of my injured state and beat me twice in a card game that required skill, speed and agility - usually an area of expertise for me.

Braiding Chloe's hair - near impossible.

Opening the clasp of a necklace - not going to happen.

Turning the pages of a book - hopeless.

Typing this story on the keyboard - extremely challenging.

Making any more dinner - nope.

I'm on the injured list. If this was football, I'd be sitting on the sidelines. Looks like I'll be joining Tony Romo for a while. We can only hope my family doesn't go on a seven game loosing streak with dinner while I'm temporarily incapacitated.


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