May 15, 2017

Serenity and Sun

As I walked down this stairs yesterday morning, I was greeted with streamers and a beautiful homemade "mom" sign. My heart was already full with love, now it was beginning to brim over. I thought Chuck had made it, since I went to bed before him the previous night. Come to find out, Chloe set her alarm to get up at 3am to do all this for me, bless her heart. She wanted to surprise me. That she did.

Homemade cards, signs, gifts, ideas are my very favorite. They mean more to me than bought items (although, I also appreciate items that cost money). I had to beg Chloe not to make me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. I don't understand why this is a 'thing'. But I know that her and her daddy love to make breakfast in bed. And I'm not a huge fan of eating in bed. This is the first time I have been able to make this request without her breaking down into tears. Success.

After beholding love made with streamers in my kitchen, I decided to spend time laying outside in the hammock until everyone else got up. Peaceful doesn't even begin to describe how it felt to lay out here for an hour with only the sounds of birdsong to accompany me. 

There was the slightest breeze and every so often these wind chimes with gently sway making the most angelic sound. Did I mention how perfect it was outside. The sun, the unseasonably warm weather, the serenity, the gentle sounds of nature. My overwhelmed heart was bursting with love. I couldn't imagine this day getting any better.

And yet it did. We spent it, yet again, in Stillwater, one of my favorite places in Minnesota. We've spent at least 3 Mother's Days here over the past 6 years. This place just draws me in. Maybe it's the adorable Main Street; or maybe our favorite burger joint - Leo's. Maybe it's the magnificent views of the St. Croix River or the San Fransisco vibe you get from being in a town built into cliffs. Maybe it was the Stillwater Stairs written with kind and encouraging words.

Not only are the views amazing but the smell! Oh my goodness! Those lilacs are intoxicating! Their aroma makes you smile even if you don't want to. They are such a happy flower. Their fragrance wafts through the air sprinkling it with happiness this time of year. 

The best part was the sign my 15 year old son bought for me (see, I do like bought gifts). I'm the luckiest mom and thankful for this life.


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