Mar 17, 2019

Spring Break #1

It's been 3 whole months since we've seen Gavin. I was so happy when he said he wanted to come home for Spring Break. Thankfully, he's break also coincided with mine. He arrived home on a Sunday. We spent the rest of that day just sitting in our room visiting. I love how everyone loves to congregate on our bed. Chuck and I were sitting on two chairs that face the bed. Some of the best conversations have taken place here!

On Monday Gavin and I headed to Boulder. I had previously purchased a Puzzling Adventure activity for us to do so we could learn more about the city. Thankfully, it was a quiet day in Boulder. We enjoyed walking down Pearl Street and learning the history and checking out the bookstores. 

We found a great Indian buffet for lunch and then continued on to The Flatirons where we intended to hike up as far as we could.

Our plan kind of backfired once we got half way up the Chautauqua Trail and there was snow and ice covering the entire trail. We weren't dressed to hike today and certainly were not wearing hiking shoes that might have better traversed the snow-covered path. I'm still wondering why, upon first noticing the snow/ice we didn't just say, oh well, too bad, let's turn around. I'm also wondering why we didn't say, if it's this hard getting up the trail, it's going to be a bear trying to get down, while slipping and sliding on our projected course uphill. Yet we pushed on. Once we finally reached more tree cover of the mountains and the path got even worse from the constant shade, we finally decided to turn around and go downhill. Hard. To. Do! It was like walking down hill on a skating rink with smooth-soled sneakers on. Another adventure neither of us will soon forget. 

Tuesday was Ski Day! It turned out to be the perfect day for the boys to head up to Snowy Range to enjoy the mild weather and slopes. Whenever it's 45 and sunny, you know you're going to have some great skiing in store!

Wednesday brought us the much anticipated Bomb Cyclone Blizzard of 2019. The winds reached as high as 60 and 70 miles an hour. It rained, then iced, then snowed the entire day. This was the view from our front porch. Visibility was zero. It was a complete whiteout - you couldn't even see one street down.  As a bonus, schools were closed for two days straight, so Chloe and Bennett got a lot more time to spend with Gavin. Chloe used her extra time to work on her online driver's ed and hang out with a neighbor friend while Bennett and Gavin watched some 007 movies.

On Thursday, we were still stuck at home most of the day. However, we did brave the roads in honor of Pi Day. You can't let 3.14 pass without a piece of pie.

Chuck took Friday off and the three of us hit the town looking for fun things to do. We went to Old Town Fort Collins and browsed a bookstore and found an art museum.

We enjoyed lunch at Whichwich.

And ended up at The Summit playing video games and air hockey.

On Saturday, the week culminated in the matinee showing of Captain Marvel. Apparently we were only allowed to watch movies the whole week long with the name "Captain" in the title. Somehow I was suckered into watching all the Captain America movies (there are 3). I thought we had to in order to better understand Captain Marvel. At least that's what I was under the impression of. Then, come to find out, it has nothing to do with the movie. They just wanted to watch it. We've always been a superhero loving family. That still hasn't changed the older the kids get. 

And by the way, the kids are mortified in this picture. They absolutely HATE it when we take selfies at the theater by a movie poster. They are so embarrassed! You'd have thought we asked them to sing and dance with a sombrero on their head in front of everybody. Yet, they still smile cuz they don't want to look stupid in a picture either. But we have exactly .7 seconds to take this picture and there will be no retakes! People are looking! You can't be seen looking happy to be at a movie with your parents! Even though these are the same goofballs who happily lay on my bed talking with me until I force them to leave because I'm so tired. I love these people so much!



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