Oct 21, 2019


We recently had the opportunity to babysit our nephews. It always makes me reminisce about 15 years ago when our boys were the exact same age their boys are right now.

The precious ages of 5 and 3. It seems just like yesterday. The constant energy, movement, and noise of boys. The millions of questions about how life works and why. The giggles. The bickering. The superheroes. The learning to read. The little brother copying everything the big brother does because he adores and idolizes him. The big brother bossing the little brother around because he's thrilled to have his own minion. The constant wrestling. The morning cuddles. The hours of reading books. The long mornings and afternoons at the play ground or pool getting out all our boy energy and acting out what superhero they currently are in their imagination. Saturdays spent at 5 year old soccer games. Finally being able to communicate in words instead of hysterics. 

And we get to live it all over again with these two. I'd say we're pretty lucky. Instead of seeing them through the eyes of parents worried that we might mess them up if we say or do the wrong thing, we get to enjoy them as Uncle and Auntie. We now have the perspective of time, distance, and experience. We see the good and the bad and realize they are both necessary to shape these little humans into the adults they are growing into. Life is beautiful and cyclical, for that I am grateful.


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